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About Me

Borhan MT is an artist from the middle east where you have many challenges to be a free artist means “Iran “.
As a young boy , Borhan Mt always had a deep love for music and painting.

He began learning to play guitar at the age of 15 and as he grew older, he became more interested in production music specially “electronic music genres “and sound designing visuals .
Eventually, he decided to combine his love for electronic music with his musical experiences in different genres as progressive rock/folk rock/ acid rock , and Borhan MT’s life became completely immersed in music .

It all began when he decided to publish his own single tracks after many years of being a “guitarist and producer “with his friend Soroush Bighashdel as a drummer and co-producer in instrumental progressive rock genre.
After a few years he started  to write an Ep albumThe Freak” with Rojan Loie as a soprano vocalist in experimental electronic /cinematic genre ,and now he is working on some new projects to has some events.

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